Welcome to Healthy Eating 101 and your connection to a healthier lifestyle!  We believe that everyone is entitled to a healthier, happier, humorous life!  Chef Megan can start you off by teaching you how to incorporate the Superfoods into your everyday eating lifestyle.  She will show you how to make quick and simple recipes, eating natural foods and learning how to improvise in the kitchen while teaching you how to gain a wonderful sense of satisfaction and the wholeness in your life that we are all looking for.  Chef Megan teaches you about the kinds of foods that are bringing nutrition to our bodies while feeding our minds and inspiring our souls.  This is the place where we need to begin every day.

Chef Megan and Mother Nature made it simple for us:

  • Eating foods that naturally come from the earth
  • Using minimally processed and fewer prepackaged foods
  • Choosing fresh foods including natural fats that are low in sodium and free of high-fructose corn syrup and artificial sugars

It is all about taking it back to the basics of eating, something we learned so long ago.  This is why we call it Healthy Eating 101.

Let Chef Megan show you how to enjoy the first day of the rest of your healthy and empowered life!

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